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Use Conoptics products for:

    • Noise Reduction
    • Medical Imaging
    • Optical Trapping
    • Thermal Imaging
    • Video Disc Mastering
    • Frequency Phase Systems
    • Frequency Modulation Spectroscopy
    • Electrokinetic Trapping

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Input Polarizer is used to improve the purity of the laser beam entering the pockel-cell. The performance of our modulators in particular the extinction ratio and transmission, are dependent on proper alignment of the laser beam and its polarization.

MPM (Multi-Photon Microscopy)

Deflection Systems_25D

MPM Conoptics’ MPM Model: 350-80LA with BK (resonance-dampened) Option CONOPTICS’ a pioneer in the manufacturing of optics and laser accessories has developed a solution for Multi-Photon Microscopy (MPM).

Deflection Systems

Deflection Systems_25D


Conoptics’ series of electro-optic deflectors are the most efficient mechanisms for changing the angle of a laser beam.

Pulse Selection Systems


Conoptics has developed a complete line of Pulse Selection Systems for use with Ti:Sapphire, YAG, YLF and OPO’s from 350nm-to 1600nm applications.

Modulation Systems


Conoptics a pioneer and leader in the manufacturing of optics and laser accessories offers high quality Phase Modulators.

Optical Isolators

Model 711A

Optical Isolator with input and output polarizer’s pre-aligned to the rotator glass.