Conoptics manufactures new product release the Model 1064PC polarization converter.

Conoptics Model 1064PC Polarization Converter

The CON1064PC converts linearly polarized laser beam operating at 1064nm into a Radially or Azimuthally polarized beam. Radially polarized or azimuthally polarized light can be produced by rotating the angle of the incident polarization. CON1064PC is manufactured of the highest tolerances and is comprised of 12 half-wave 30° wedges with the optic axis of each wedge rotated by 15°as shown in figure 2 below. We use a proprietary manufacturing and assembly process to withstand greater than 190W/cm2 power density.

Model 1064PC Specifications:

Operating Wavelength 1064nm +/- 5nm
Damage Threshold: > 190W/cm2 power density
Retardation at 1064nm: 180° +/- 9°
Transmittance at 1064nm: >95%
Surface Quality: 80-50 scratch-dig
Clear Aperture: 12mm
Holder: 35mm O.D., 5.5mm