Electro-Optic Deflection Systems

Optical Trapping Deflection Systems

Model 320 Nutator Deflectors

Conoptics’ series of electro-optic deflectors are the most efficient mechanisms for changing the angle of a laser beam. Conoptics can scan a laser beam over a range of angles, or control the output angle of a laser beam with great accuracy. We employ a quadrapole electric field in an electro-optic material to produce a linear refractive index gradient proportional to the applied signal voltage.

Conoptics has developed a deflection system for optical trapping called the Model 412 2-Axis Electro-optic Deflection system. This system includes two deflectors and a dual linear amplifier


Conoptics has developed the Model 320 Electro-Optic Nutator for deflecting an optical beam in two orthogonal axes. The Model 320 Nutator is used to scan linearly polarized collimated beam over the clear aperture of a focusing lens at a wavelength of 1550nm.