Optical Trapping Deflection Systems

Conoptics has developed a deflection system for optical trapping called the Model 412 2-Axis Electro-optic Deflection system. This system includes two deflectors and a dual linear amplifier

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Deflection Systems – Model 412-2Axis

Conoptics’ series of electro-optic beam deflectors are the most efficient mechanisms for changing the angle of a laser beam. They can scan a laser beam over a range of angles, or control the output angle of a laser beam with great accuracy. We employ a quadrapole electric field in an electro-optic material to produce a linear refractive index gradient proportional to the applied signal voltage.

The Model 412 is a dual, linear, high voltage, amplifier designed to drive a number of different Conoptics Electro-Optic Beam Deflectors. The amplifier is fully DC coupled and is designed to accept a number of different input signal formats. Each amplifier has separate input and output connectors which allow any input combination of signal to be used for the desired output result. Each amplifier within the cabinet is independent of the other while utilizing a common power supply. Each amplifier in the system is capable of amplifying a low level signal (2v, p-p) to an output level of 750v p-p while driving the capacitive load of the deflector.

The common application of the system is the X-Y deflection of a single laser beam. The amplifiers will accept both Unipolar (either negative or positive) or bipolar input signal. Each amplifier can be set to accept any input format independent of the other. Each amplifier has a switch on the rear panel to set the input impedance to either 50 ohms or 1K. Each amplifier has an input signal format switch for unipolar +, unipolar – , or bipolar.

Deflection Systems – Model 412-2Axis

Model 412 Key Features:

Aperture (mm) 2.0mm
Maximum Deflection (Angle) 3.0 Milli-radians Peak to Peak
Access time 1 Micro-second
Transmission 85% at 1064nm across the full scan angle
Collinear configuration Center In/Center Out

Amplifier Key Features:

Cabinet Driver and power supply in single cabinet
Input Impedance Choice of amplifier input impedance by rear panel switch (50ohm/1K ohm)
Gain 375V/V Each Amplifier
Max. Output Drive Level 750V P-P, each amplifier, driving 60pf load, 3m RG-62 cables
Detected Rise/Fall Time Typically 2.5us driving 60pf with 3m RG-62 coax
Input Signal Format Options include Unipolar POS/NEG or bipolar set by rear-panel slide switch
Input Power (AC) Typically 70W (load and frequency dependent)
Dimensions 19″ Rack Mountable, 5.25″ H(133mm) (3U) x 14″D (356mm)
Cooling Forced air
Operating Environment Designed for laboratory use (indoor only) Temperature range +5deg C to +50 deg C ambient Humidity 20%-80% RH up to 32deg C, Altitude <3000M
Weight 20lbs (9.07kg)

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