A leader in optics & laser accessories

Conoptics was founded in 1981 by former product managers of the Coherent Modulator Division and is a global leading manufacturer of laser accessories. Our products are utilized at research laboratories, disc manufactures, universities, military and laser manufactures.

Conoptics Milestones:

  • Designed the first DC to 100MHz air-cooled modulation system
  • Developed e-o modulators for color-separation systems used in laser scanners
  • Developed modulation systems for video-disc mastering systems which included Noise-eaters for removing laser noise and exposure control. These systems also
    included high speed modulation for video content and multi-function deflector for code tracking
  • Developed modulators for use in deep UV (257nm)
  • Developed modulators and high speed drivers for use in pulse selection systems and regen switches
  • Developed optical isolators for use over the Visible and near IR
  • Worked jointly with Cornell University (Webb Group) to develop low dispersion modulator for use in Multi-Photon Microscopy (MPM)
  • Designed miniature optical isolators for use in 3-D measuring systems
  • Developed high speed, high extinction ratio modulation system for the semi-conductor industry

Our product line continues to expand, where we have currently developed leading edge electro-optic modulators, beam deflection systems, drive electronics, optical isolators and fiber optics.

Typical applications include:

  • Intensity and Phase Modulation
  • Pulse Selection Systems for Mode Locked Lasers
  • Optical Tweezers
  • Laser Amplitude Stabilization
  • Disc Mastering
  • Optical Isolators

Our product line covers the optical bandwidth from 192nm out to 2000nm and modulation bandwidth out to 800MHz.