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Yale University – John Barry PhD

Northwestern Multiphoton Microscopy – David Wokosin PhD


Hello, Charles.

Thank you for finding time to scan that old manual. I can’t express how grateful I am for your help. You really saved our project. If it weren’t for your kind help, we would have to spend weeks to reverse engineer this noise-eater or even make some kludgy contraption by ourselves.

I know that most companies would have ignored such a request from me – and even more so if they had to scan an old manual. The fact that you were so nice as to make this scan – it really makes Conoptics an outstanding company.

Thank you.

With sincere respect,

Jale Schneider –

German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Optical Nanoscopy Division, Heidelberg, Germany.

Bioquant Center, Heidelberg, Germany 

Dear Ron,

it has been long time since we bought an electro-optical deflector from your company for reserach purposes. We finally published our results with the optical nanoscope employing your EOD (in the attachment). At this point, I just wanted to thank you and your collegues for the perfect crystal and perfect technical support.

All the best