Conoptics has developed a complete line of Pulse Selection Systems for use with Ti:Sapphire, YAG, YLF and OPO™s from 350nm-to 1600nm applications. Customized options are also available.

Conoptics Pulse Selection System is designed to interface with applications that utilize pulsed lasers up to 100MHz and wavelength ranges from 350nm out to 1600nm. These systems provide the ability to:

Pulse Selection Select from single pulse to 30Mhz for mode locked lasers
Rep. Rate Up to 30Mhz
Transmission >85%
Pulse Width Min. pulse width of 18ns measured at zero
Pulse Width Limit No limit on pulse width
Rise/Fall Time 8ns
Offset Center In and Center out operation. No office or angular change
Dispersion No Spatial Dispersion


Associated Electro-Optic Modulators

Ti:Sapphire(350nm-to-500nm) Model 350-105 KD*P Series Modulator
Ti:Sapphire(700nm-to-1064nm) Model 350-160 KD*P Series Modulator
OPO™s (1000nm-to-1600nm)   Model 360-120 LTA Modulator
YAG Laser (1064nm) Model 360-80 LTA Modulator
YLF Laser (1300nm) Model 360-120 LTA Modulator

Associated Amplifiers

Model Bandwidth Rise/Fall Time Max. Voltage Drive Configuration Output
25D DC-to-30MHz 8ns 175 100ohms B.L. Digital
50 DC-to-50MHz 7ns 90 50ohms B.L. Analog
100 DC-to-100MHz 3.5ns 90 50ohms B.L. Analog
307A DC-to-50KHz 8ns 800 LC Digital

Associated Countdown Electronics

Model 305 Synchronous Countdown System:

Input Clock Rate Mode Locker Input, 10MHz Min, 70MHz Max
External Input, 10Hz min, 140MHz Max
Countdown Range F(clock)/2 min, f(clock)/1*10^6 max
Input-Output Jitter <100ps, any count
Input Requirements
  1. Mode Locker Input  sine wave, -6dbm min (112mv RMS), +15dbm ,ax (1.3v RMS), Zi=50ohms
  2. External Input – 100mv peak min, 1.5ns min pulse width. +/- 2v peak max. Zi=50ohms
  3. Gate Input = TTL levels, min width one clock period. Burst ends one count after negative edge of gate input signal. Zi=50ohms
  4. Single Shot Input = TTL levels, 10ns min pulse width. Zi=50ohms.
Delay Variable – 0-to-8ns, 7bit digital delay line. 62ps min resolution. Controlled by linear, single turn front panel control.
Fixed – 8ns Switch selectable on front panel (in/out)
Outputs TTL – 50 ohm line driver, Voh type 2.5v into 50ohm load. Pulse width 1us type (Pulse with is set internally by discrete components). Tr, Tf, <3ns type Analog – Tr, Tf, <2ns, Unipolar 0-to-+1v fixed amplitude. Designed to drive DC coupled 50ohm load to ground. Pulse width – 8ns, set internally by 50ohm coax delay line.Sync – 50ohm TTL line driver, 1.3v into 50ohms. Negative edge.
Threshold Adjustment +/- 200mv applied to input comparator via single turn front panel control.
Input Power 85-250VAC, 47-63Hz, 50W
Dimensions 133 H x 430 W x 343 D mm. Rack Mountable. 5.25″ x 16.88″ x 13.5″
Weight Net 6.8 Kg, (15lbs)

Detected Output

Images below taken from Mira900 Ti: Sapphire 80MHz and Conoptics Model 25D Driver, Model 305 Synchronous Countdown System and Model 350-160 EOM.


System set to divi by 10


Image taken at 514nm