Modulation Systems - Input Polarizer

Conoptics Accessories

Input Polarizer is used to improve the purity of the laser beam entering the pockel-cell.  The performance of our modulators in particular the extinction ratio and transmission, are dependent on proper alignment of the laser beam and its polarization.

Conoptics has developed a complete line of mounts for use with our modulators and deflectors.  Customized options are also available.

Beam Blocker

Model 201 - Laser Attenuator/Power Splitter

Conoptics’ new “Beam Block” assembly allows an integrated solution that terminates the rejected component of the polarizer. This innovative design eliminates the need for any external beam block, and provides a safer setup design.

Conoptics has released the Model 201 Laser Attenuator / Power Splitter that permits the end user to split the laser beam exiting the Ti:Sapphaire into (2) distinct beams and control the power for each instance.