Designed for use with Ti:Sapphire Lasers

Conoptics has released the Model 201 Laser Attenuator / Power Splitter that permits the end user to split the laser beam exiting the Ti:Sapphire laser into (2) distinct beams and control the power for each instance.


The Model 201 includes a polarizer which is a GLAN type design with an insertion loss < 4% and an extinction ratio of >100,000:1.  In addition, the optics are designed so the angle of the escape port beam is fixed and will not change with wavelength variations.  The internal achromatic ½ waveplate is also airspaced to allow for increased power and lower dispersion.

The Model 201 is a valuable tool for MPM and Ti:Sapphire implementations.


Aperture: 8mm
Dimensions: 50mm Diameter  x  75mm Long
Transmission: >90%
Wavelength Range: 650nm  –  1200nm
Ports: (2) Ports, no change in angle with wavelengthBeam block included to terminate beam internally
Wavefront: >1/10 Lambda
Extinction Ratio: 100,000 : 1
Power Capability: >10 Watt CW
Optical Components: Adjustable Achromatic  ½ Wave PlateAdjustable Glan Laser Polarizer Escape Port Normal to BeamAll Optics are Air-spaced

Mode 1: Left/Right (Power Splitter)

Right Output Direction

Right Output Direction

Left Output DirectionLeft Output Direction

Mode 2: Attenuator Mode

Attenuator ModeExample: Configuration Setup: