Conoptics Laser Stabilization System (LASS-II) is designed to lower the noise intensity in laser beams. The LASS-II significantly enhances the signal to noise ratio of a laser over a broad bandwidth. Customized options are also available upon request.

Conoptics Laser Stabilization System (LASS-II) is designed as an electro-optic feedback loop capable of reducing the amplitude variations commonly associated with lasers. The LASS-II system enhances the signal to noise ratio of the laser over a broad bandwidth. Both an internal and external reference input is provided, allowing analog programming of the laser throughput.

The LASS-II is particularly convenient for use in recording systems where laser power must be varied as a function of position on the recording medium (i.e. video disc, flat bed recorders, etc.). The system is composed of feedback electronics, power supply and electro-optic modulator with integrated beam-splitter and photodiode amplifier.


Performance Characteristics

Wavelength 514nm, laser power 50mw, lo= .5 lmax
Laser Power 50mw, low = .5lmax
Beam Diameter 1.4mm (1/e 2) TEMOO
Noise Reduction (Int. Ref Mode) 1/1@500kHz, 5/1@100kHz, 18/1@50kHz, 100/1@10hHz, 200/1@1kHz, 250/1@200hz
Noise Floor 458nm, -100db Relative to F.S.
D.C. Stability – Short Term .1% Relative to Full Scale (@.5Imax, T=0 -> 1hr.
External Input Impedance 1k nominal
External Input Voltage 0 -> +1 V Max
Electrical Input Power -20W (100-230 Vac)
The amount of light for calibrationOutput of beam-splitter to diode @633nm 300uw@514nm 450uw@488nm 540uw@458nm 820uw*Two different types of beam splitters are available to optimize efficiency and finesse
Static Transmission 85% (excluding beam-splitter)
Useable Aperture 2.5mm square *
Optical Bandwidth 400-900nm
Max. Throughput Power 3.5w/mm2 TEMOO

System Options

Standard System (532nm) LASS-II with Model 370 E-O Modulator
Large Aperture (532nm) LASS-II with Model 370LA E-O Modulator
532nm-to-1064nm fsec laser LASS-II with Model 350-105 E-O Modulator
800nm-to-2000nm psec laser LASS-II with Model 360-80 E-O Modulator
Rack Mount RM Option
UV and DUV Options 325nm-to-515nm, 257/266nm

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LASS II Spec Sheet