Conoptics is pleased to announce a new large aperture free-space optical isolators designed for use with Nd:YAG lasers (1064 nm). Optical isolators, also known as Faraday isolators, are magneto-optic devices that preferentially transmit light along a single direction, shielding upstream optics from back reflections. Back reflections can create a number of instabilities in light source.

815 Large Aperture Isolator





  815 1020 to 1100nm





  • High Power Capability
  • Minimize Feedback into Optical Systems
  • Free-Space Input and Output Ports
  • Dual Exit Ports
  • Rotatable covers to optionally block rejected beam (if desired)
  • Faraday Rotator Isolator tuned to 45 degrees
  • (2) Glan Polarizers
  • Mounting Base
  • Aperture: 8mm

Damage Threshold (LTD)

CW Laser: 500W/cm2

Pulse Laser: 150MW/cm2


Additional Information (Factory Settings)


Optical Isolator input and output polarizers are pre-aligned to the rotator glass.

Input polarizer is aligned for vertical input polarization

Note: If your source is horizontally polarized, remove the two screws on the mounting base and rotate the isolator 90 degrees, re-install screws on the mounting base.

Output polarizer is set to 45 degrees from vertical.