Multiphoton Microscopy for Dispersion Compensated Lasers

We have developed an E-O Modulation System for two new lasers (Insight DS+ and Chameleon Discovery) that are in very high demand.  These lasers are used in Multiphoton Microscopy space and work in the 680nm-to-1300nm wavelength range.

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Conoptics, Inc. a manufacturer known for our advancement of electro-optics for Multiphoton Microscopy has released a new product for customers using the latest lasers offering continuous wavelength tuning from 680nm-to-1300nm.

Our new product offering employs a single modulator to cover this full optical bandwidth and can be supplied with various Conoptics amplifiers for 100% depth of modulation.

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Model 360-40 Electro-Optic Modulator with Integrated Beam Block

Aperture 2.7mm
Dimensions 50mm Diameter x 95mm
Transmission >90%
Standard Wavelength Ranges 680nm-to-1300nm
Volts ½ wave at 830nm 312 Volts
Contrast Ratio 200:1
Driver Compatibility Full modulation with M302RM Power Amplifier up to 1300nm
Integrated Beam Blocker Included

system configuration

  •   Model 302RM Driver (DC-to-250KHz Bandwidth, 1microsec Rise/Fall Time, 750V Output)
  •   Model 360-40-02 LTA Series Electro-Optic Modulator
  •   Integrated Beam Blocker for rejected component
  •   Model 102 Adjustable Modulator Mount with Model 103 Alignment Tool

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