Multiphoton Microscopy Standard Wavelengths

Conoptics manufactures a line of laser accessories for laser modulation, driver electronics, beam deflectors, noise reduction and optical isolators. Conoptics’ a pioneer in the manufacturing of optics and laser accessories has developed a solution for Multi-Photon Microscopy (MPM).

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Multiphoton fluorescence microscopy is a powerful research tool that combines the advanced optical techniques of laser scanning microscopy with long wavelength multiphoton fluorescence excitation to capture high-resolution, three-dimensional images of specimens tagged with highly specific fluorophores.

Conoptics’ Model 350-80LA with BK (resonance-dampened) Option is a KD*P Series Electro-Optic modulator. When configured with our Model 302RM amplifier offers the ability to control laser intensity as well as high-speed shuttering. In addition, this solution can control beam attenuation and fly-back blanking with minimal dispersion and full modulation over the lasers bandwidth. The system operates center in/out with no spatial dispersion and rise/fall times of 1 micro-second.

Model 350-80LA Electro-Optic Modulator


Aperture 3.5mm
Dimensions 50mm Diameter x 137mm
Transmission >90%
Standard Wavelength Ranges 700-to-1100nm
Piezo Resonances Minimal with clamped version (BK option)
Volts ½ wave at 830nm 600 Volts
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Driver Compatibility Full modulation with M302 Power Amplifier up to 1064nm

Model 302RM Driver


Cabinet Driver and power supply in singe cabinet
Test Feature Built-in test feature allows testing for max transmission of Pockel-Cell without adjusting bias voltage
Input Impedance Choice of amplifier input impedance by rear panel switch (50ohm/1k ohm)
DC Bias Improved DC biasing of Pockel-Cell provides greater linearity at higher bias voltages
Voltage Range +/- 450VDC controlled by ten-turn front panel pot. Digital meter monitors differential bias applied to E.O. Modulator
Linearity 10 bits referenced to full scale (.1%)
Bandwidth DC to >200Khz with 90pf load and 3M (RG-62) cables
Max. Output Drive Level 750VP-P into 90pf load
Amplifier Input Signal 2VP-P max into 50/1k ohms delivers 750VP-P out
Input Power (AC) 60W typical. Input power is both load (modulator) and frequency dependent.
Dimensions 19″ Rack Mountable, 5.25″ H(133mm) (3U) x 14″D (356mm)
Cooling Forced air
Operating Environment Designed for laboratory use (indoor only) Temperature range +5deg C to +50 deg C ambient Humidity 20%-80% RH up to 32deg C Altitude <3000M
Weight 20lbs (9.07kg)




Output Response

The image below provides the detected response at 514nm, 3ms pulse width, 250Hz rate

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