Shutter Systems: Single Molecule Fluorescence Polarization

Conoptics manufactures a line of laser accessories for laser modulation, driver electronics, beam deflectors, noise reduction and optical isolators. Conoptics manufactures a complete line of Electro-Optic Modulation Shutter Systems designed to work specifically with Single Molecule Fluorescence Polarization.

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Measuring of intensity and polarization of a single molecule fluorescence excited by differently polarized excitation gives insights to internal organization of the studied molecule and its orientation in space. Fluorescence resonance energy transfer and fluorescence polarization anisotropy are used to investigate single molecules of the enzyme staphylococcal nuclease. Conoptics manufactures a complete product line used in Forster resonance energy transfer (FRET), Fluorescence-aided molecule sorting (FAMS) and Alternating-laser excitation (ALEX) implementations.

Model 350-80LA Specifications

Aperture 3.5mm
Dimensions 50mm Diameter x 137mm
Transmission >90%
Standard Wavelength Ranges 500-to-1100nm
Piezo Resonances Minimal with clamped version (BK option)
Volts ½ wave at 500nm 360 Volts
Volts ½ wave at 830nm 600 Volts
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Driver Compatibility Full modulation with M302 Power Amplifier up to 1064nm

Model 302RM Specifications

Cabinet Driver and power supply in singe cabinet
Test Feature Built-in test feature allows testing for max transmission of Pockel-Cell without adjusting bias voltage
Input Impedance Choice of amplifier input impedance by rear panel switch (50ohm/1k ohm)
DC Bias Improved DC biasing of Pockel-Cell provides greater linearity at higher bias voltages
Voltage Range +/- 450VDC controlled by ten-turn front panel pot.  Digital meter monitors differential bias applied to E.O. Modulator
Linearity 10 bits referenced to full scale (.1%)
Bandwidth DC to >200Khz with 90pf load and 3M (RG-62) cables
Max. Output Drive Level 750VP-P into 90pf load
Amplifier Input Signal 2VP-P max into 50/1k ohms delivers 750VP-P out
Input Power (AC) 60W typical.  Input power is both load (modulator) and frequency dependent.
Dimensions 19″ Rack Mountable, 5.25″ H(133mm) (3U) x 14″D (356mm)
Cooling Forced air
Operating Environment Designed for laboratory use (indoor only) Temperature range +5deg C to +50 deg C ambient Humidity 20%-80% RH up to 32deg C Altitude <3000M
Weight 20lbs (9.07kg)

Model 102 Modulator Mount Specifications

Height Adjustment Range: 2.6 inches (6.6cm)
Lowest Center Line 4.15″, 10.5cm
Highest Center Line 6.75″, 17.2cm
Height without Mounting Rings: Fully Retracted Height 2.30″, 5.8cm
Fully Extended Height 4.90″, 12.4cm
Weight 3.33lbs.
Height with Mounting Rings: (Center of Ring) Fully Retracted Height 3.90″, 9.9cm
Fully Extended Height 6.50″, 16.5cm
Weight 3.95lbs.
Dimensions: (Overall L x W x H) Fully Retracted w/o Rings 10″L x 3.6″W x 2.3″H
25.4cm x9.1cm x 5.8cm
Fully Extended w/o Rings 10″L x 3.6″W x4.9″H
25.4cm x9.1cm x12.4cm
Fully Retracted with Rings 10″L x 3.6″W x 6.3″H
25.4cm x9.1cm x 16cm
Fully Extended with Rings 10″L x 3.6″W x 8.9″H
25.4cm x9.1cm x 22.6cm
Alignment Tool Option: Diameter is 5cm Aperture 2mm



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